Google Adsense

Google AdSense is something you’ve probably heard can make you a lot of money, but how do you make it work for YOUR blog?
In our modern economy, finding more ways to make money is important. In fact, being able to increase your earnings on your own is one of the most important aspects to surviving such treacherous economic times. Knowing how to generate Google AdSense revenue is one way that you can boost your bottom line every month.
While Google AdSense was initially designed with website and blog publishers in mind, anyone who creates and maintains their own blog or website can take advantage of the incredible opportunity. Whether you have a full-time job and are building a web presence for yourself in your free time or run a web design business, for example, you can generate a great deal of revenue using this tool, if you know how to use it to your advantage.
By allowing advertisements on your blogs, you create a static revenue stream. It’s basically that simple, yet there are imp…


Become Top Rated

Become Top Rated

Top-rated status helps outstanding freelancers and agencies grow their businesses and become even more successful in the Upwork marketplace. When you earn this status, you'll be recognized through a badge on your profile and rewarded with exclusive perks, including increased access to client projects.
You become "Top Rated" by building an impressive reputation on Upwork. You must have a proven history of success with multiple clients, delight your clients every time with high-quality work, and contribute to a safe and vibrant marketplace by knowing and following the Upwork Terms of Service.

To earn and maintain top-rated status as a freelancer, or agency with two or more members, you must have:
A personal or agency Job Success score of at least 90% · If the agency owner has a Job Success score, it also must be 90% or higher
· 12-month earnings of at least $1,000 for freelancers or $10,000 for agencies
An account in good stan…



Are you a freelancer working on both Upwork and Fiverr? Or perhaps you are selling on both Amazon and Wish? One of the questions we are asked most often is if Payoneer users can have more than one company connected to their Payoneer account. The answer is a resounding yes! Read on to learn how Payoneer users can add an additional company to their account. How to connect the companies you work with to Payoneer: 1. Sign up to Payoneer. 2. Once your Payoneer account has been approved, go to the website of the company that you would like to get paid from (e.g. Upwork, 3. Select Payoneer as your payment option and begin the registration process as if you were applying for a new card or bank transfer service. 4. On the first page of the Payoneer sign up application, click Already have a Payoneer account? 5. Enter your Payoneer username and password and continue as prompted. 6. That’s it! You’re connected. 7. Repeat Steps 2…

5 Steps to Improve Your Online Resume

5 Steps to Improve Your Online Resume
The upwork profile is divided into several sections, each one with its own unique purpose. One of these is the Résumé, and it is one of the sections that many contractors tend to overlook or ignore. The resume section is actually a valuable part of your profile because it contains information that supports your freelancing title. These include your skills, your employment and educational histories, certifications, and other experiences. It may be a little daunting to fill this entire section up at first, but with a bit of effort and creativity on your part, you can spruce up your resume in such a way that employers would want to hire you on the spot. Here’s what you can do: 1. Update your resume in WYSIWYG. The first step is to update all of your resume, from the outdated information to the obsolete HTML formatting. If you used HTML tags to edit your resume the first time, chances are upwork has sent you this message already:
Since custom formatting is …

How to Win Your First upwork Job

How to Win Your First upwork Job
You just finished signing up on upwork, added your chosen payment withdrawal methods, and are now applying for jobs. You’re ready to start earning income and building your freelance business! Unfortunately, most employers prefer those with more experience, with feedback scores, and with at least 100 upwork hours. So what does a newbie have to do to win his first upwork project?

1. Complete and enhance your upwork profile:
It could be that your profile isn’t really standing out among the twenty other applicants bidding for the same project. With so many contractor profiles to sift through, you can’t afford to be like everyone else.

Your first step therefore is to complete all of the necessary details of your upwork profile. Enhance it right after with an appealing overview, a clean and detailed resume, and your best portfolio samples.

2. Take and pass skills tests with flying colors:
One of the best ways to prove yourself on upwork is to pass two types of tes…

How to submit additional documentation for monetization


Freelancer Policies

Freelancer Policies Last modified: May 5, 2015 1. IDENTITY AND FREELANCER PROFILE The Upwork community is made up of independent professionals, agencies and companies from around the globe. To maintain a high-quality workplace for all Upwork Users, identity information associated with an Upwork User Account must be real and verifiable. Freelancer profiles must accurately represent the freelancer’s experience, skills, and personal information.Profile photos should be clear and appropriate for a professional, global community. Logo, clip art, group pictures, or heavily digitally manipulated pictures are prohibited.One account per user. Accounts should not be shared or duplicated in any way.Attempting to mislead by falsely implying a relationship with Upwork or another company is not allowed.Sharing contact information such as email, phone number, or Skype ID in profile is not allowedAny offer of services that is spammy in nature is prohibited. 2. APPLICATIONS Successful proposals are co…

Upwork Payroll Agreement

Upwork Payroll Agreement Effective Date: September 6,2015 If a Client signs up to use Upwork Payroll, this Upwork Payroll Agreement (this “Agreement”) applies to Client. Your use of the Site after the effective date will signify your acceptance of and agreement to this Agreement. Please refer to theTerms of Service for the complete terms governing your usage of the Site and Site Services. Capitalized terms not defined in this Agreement have the meanings in the Terms of Services. This Agreement is a binding legal agreement by and between Client (“Client” and “you”) and Upwork Global Inc. (“Upwork” or “we”) and supersedes and replaces all prior agreements between Client and Upwork concerning Upwork Payroll. 1. UPWORK PAYROLL STAFFING PROVIDER When a Client uses Upwork Payroll, which is described on the Site here (“Upwork Payroll”), a third-party staffing vendor will employ the Freelancer (the “Staffing Provider”). Freelancer (if accepted for employment as described below) will become a…